Case Study 1

Project Name: Oracle RAC migration and Storage System Remote Replication Project

Project Background: This is an electronic payment project for transport industry. Our service is focusing on backend IT infrastructure and data migration.

The Implementation

Step One

There is existing single node Oracle database running and Oracle data is resided on file-system. As the Oracle will upgrade to Real Application Cluster (RAC) using Automatic Storage Management (ASM) storage option, the beginning of the project is to migrate data file from file-system to ASM.

Step Two
Oracle RAC provides high availability and load balance. The Second step is to rebuild Oracle from single-node to two-node-cluster RAC

Step Three The final of the project is to build the DR site. Shared storage is replicated to secondary data center (50Km away from primary site) by HP StorageWorks EVA Continuous Access.

Our service include
  • Design and setup SAN switch
  • Storage system remote replication implementation
  • Develop Disaster recovery procedure in storage point of view
  • Develop shell script for operation control

Case Study 2

Project Name: SAN consolidation project
Project Details: Design and implement SAN edge switch migration to SAN director.

Our service includes:
  • Develop detail migration plan to include some fifty Windows server Fiber Channel connection
  • Design SAN switch port allocation for SAN director using industry best practice
  • Cascade some ten edge switches to two SAN directors
  • Online migrate Fiber Channel connection. The OS is accessing the SAN storage during the migration. The connectivity is protected by multi-path software